Grade 11: Art History

Embark on a rich learning experience in which you will encounter many of the most significant and well-known works of art and architecture in the world. This course introduces students to a timeline of European Art History beginning at the heart of ancient Rome and working its way up to the height of Impressionism. Assignments will teach you how to look at art and discuss it critically. You will learn the language of art and apply it to your understanding of the world around you today, observing three basic themes in art: art is a reflection of the society that produced; significant periods in art history are usually an extension of or a reaction to the generation that preceded it; and, art has a tendency to go in cycles, from simple to complex and back to simple. These themes can then be applied to an examination of your own world, from the building where you live to your local community and beyond.

Course Information

Course code: AWU3M

Prerequisite: Grade 9 or 10 Visual Arts

Program Fee: $550